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    Dec 15, 2014
    Hi all, as we keep working on ConsoleTab, the Forums and Wiki are going to pivot similarly - to focusing on supporting ConsoleTab too.

    As such, you'll see a lot of pages get deprecated or moved over the next few weeks. We've also made some critical performance and security changes, including bumping the Wiki all the way to PHP 7 - along with the very latest stack updates.

    We've also done another wave of anti-spam changes, including deploying Akismet in addition to CleanTalk. The forums are going to be our frontline support for ConsoleTab, so we're committed to making them as spam-free as possible.

    Moreover, a lot of the Console OS forums will be deprecated and consolidated. This is not an outright closure, but consistent with our standpoint that Console OS will only come back if Intel restores FOSS support on Android, and if Andromeda does not make it redundant. Both topics are still TBD, and we don't have new updates there.

    These Wiki and Forum revisions will continue through October - most of the server stuff has been moved, but most of the content stuff is just getting under way.

    Meanwhile, we're still working hard on both ConsoleTab and a second upcoming device. Stay tuned!
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