About Device Forums

Information about the device forums, and what to use them for.

Welcome to the device forums. These forums are created based on user requests and interest. Typically, a device forum exists here because of one of the following reasons:


  • * A device works really well on Console OS today
  • * A device works well enough that it's worth discussing and tinkering with
  • * We're already aiming to support a particular device
  • * We don't support a device today - but there are enough requests for us to add a forum to discuss it


As we have announced, we intend to open-source Console OS later this year. As part of that initiative, these forums will also be used later-on to handle device-specific engineering and development tasks. When demand is sufficient, we will separate support and development topics into sub-forums.


Device forums are not for the following:


  • * General Console OS topics unrelated to a particular device
  • * Help with apps or other non-device-specific questions
  • * Whining - please keep it constructive... we're a small team and happy to help!

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